Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a two headed beast! but dang if they don't have a southern drawl!

Happy go lucky prosperity, gospel light, mega church preacher is back in the lime light...on t.v. hawking his newest book so that he can make just a bit more money (because we all know he needs more!) so that his eternal smile might keep gleaming for all the world.

I will not go on and on about this self proclaimed preacher. I have only one question!

Why does a man who was raised in Houston, Texas talk like he is from South Carolina?

I grew up in the Osteen's neck of the woods. I never heard anyone raised in Houston talk the way he does. Did he go to t.v. evangelist accent school? He self imposed that accent on himself is all I'm saying.

Come to think of it...... that pompous, hot aired preacher in San Antonio....what's his name....oh yes, John Hagee. He was once a Texas football coach. He's another Texan who is a self proclaimed preacher. He is another one who tapped into the cash cow t.v. preacher southern drawl! Hagee is the polar opposite of positive, smiling Joel. Hagee is fat, mean, but RICH!


Quotidian Grace said...

LOL! So true--no one talks like Joel Osteen in Houston. His own father, who founded the church he inherited, didn't talk like Joel. And unlike Joel, Osteen SR. actually had college and seminary degrees.

Oops. Don't get me started.

Bridget said...

Sadly for "us" Hagee is a college graduate-from one of our own. He has at least one (maybe more) degree from Trinity.

Bridget said...

Oops...when I lived in San Antonio his staff frequently said he graduated from Trinity...but that's not on his personal Bio so either he's not proud of it or they were mis-informed. Either way, I feel better!

"Pastor Hagee received his Bachelors Degree where he attended on a football scholarship and was a member of the Dean's list. His Masters Degree is from North Texas State University, and he holds an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Oral Roberts University. His theological training was received at Southwestern Bible College where he was president of his class and sang in the Harvester Choir."

laughing pastor said...

Thank you bridget for your well informed response!

As it stands Hagee remains Texan with a fake South Carolina/North Carolina accent!

Atleast Hagee graduated....even though he is mean as _______!