Thursday, October 18, 2007

new beginnings

We ended a friendship over 10 years ago. I was the pastor of her church at the time. I understood part of what happened but left the church in grief. At the very same time my wife and I had hideous experiences in the churches we served. When my wife especially needed a friend the most we were isolated in anger and grief. Circumstances caused us to move to San Antonio where we served a small church together. We went there totally broken. That little church healed us. I had prayed before going there...."Please Lord, take me to a church that knows how to be a church. I have seen how not to be the church more than I can bare." My prayer was answered. I was healed in San Antonio.

Just recently my wife and now I have reconciled with a friend who we lost before leaving Houston for San Antonio. Reconciliation is a wonderful gift. As with any gifts risks are involved.....but I chose to trust that the apology, forgiveness and renewal of friendship is a gift of God's grace. We all had dinner the other night. It was good. I miss her sharp sense of humor and her intelligence. Most of all I'm glad my wife has recovered a friendship that meant so much to her. It means a great deal to both of us.

Reconciliation is a rare gift.

When it happens it is good.

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