Tuesday, October 9, 2007

it was my son's idea....

It was the right thing to do. Sunday, our Dir. of Christian Education announced that she had accepted a new position at another church. Her move was is not a surprise to me. We've had many heart to heart talks about her future. If I've learned anything from our dear friend who is leaving us it is this:

1. Remain calm....when others are panicking and in crisis.....throw your hands up and say, "Oh well, tomorrow will be better!"

2. Take time to celebrate. We are always in such a rush to evaluate how this and that could have been better....always in such a rush to plan the next event when we should stop what we are doing and celebrate.

So today.....we celebrated. We've had such a good time laughing at things we remember....things that others thought were such big problems. Now all we are left to do is laugh.

Then my son found two unused cans of silly string. Is there any better way to celebrate? Silly string is just the best. We waited for her to hang up the phone and then we attacked. We surprised her.....she stood frozen in the middle of her office.....covered with silly string....laughing.

She's going to a much larger, prestigious church. We asked her if she could imagine the staff celebrating with silly string! Most likely not.

But we did!

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