Monday, March 25, 2013

mission statement welcome

and their mission statement
at a church far 
from me states:

each person is special

each person has 
a GOD given talent 
that needs to be put to use 
within the congregation 

and then 
all the special 
status and commitment 
to make use of 
individual gifts 
comes to a screeching 
when the unwritten 
mission statement
is spoken

we didn't mean you

though you are special
your specialty is not 
appreciated here....
at least not enough for 
us to allow you to 
fully participate


you said each person 
is special and 
talented and you 
have intentions of 
engaging everyone's talents

weren't your words 
intended to welcome...


you offer a welcome
and then you fail to welcome

it all becomes 
so confusing

either you welcome or you don't

and if you welcome 
then it is your responsibility 
to follow through 
with gracious 

either you welcome or you don't
and if you really 
don't want to welcome 
"all" people then 
fess up
and make it clear

have the courage 
to speak what is real
because a welcome 
is not welcome 
when there are 
exceptions and 
and further explanations 

a person who is special 
and has talents 
deserves to know
what they are walking into

if you are going to offer a welcome
then be ready 
to welcome
no matter what! 

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