Wednesday, February 27, 2013

turned the corner

window display at the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore 

what does it take 
to turn the corner
on issues 
bogging us down

we turned the corner on racism
when the likes of martin luther king jr. 
and rosa parks
stood their ground
and took their rightful seat

we turned the corner on 
sexism when suffragettes
took to the streets
and many years later 
faithful women and men 
in the church 
listened and prayed 
and studied 
and opened the way
for full participation in 
the ministries of the church
without question
without condition 

we have a history 
of turning the corner

we also have history enough
to know that when we 
finally turn the corner 
the angst and struggle 
for many 
for years to come

for racism
and sexism 

the church 
for the most part
for the bigger part
has not yet turned the 
corner of homophobia

small corners of the church
have turned
are about to turn the corner
and for many 
this is life giving 

the larger church i serve 
has not yet turned the corner

when we do
our affirmation will 
homophobia as 
and counter to 
gospel values

i've been in a five year
personal turning

i've found the grace
and unconditional love
to affirm 
self- hatred 
are counter to 
gospel values

i am fully aware 
that others will not 
turn the corner with me
and i suppose
i have no power over this

i am also fully aware
that i cannot and will not
step back into that 
place where i chose 
and allowed the voices
and actions of others 
to degrade me
and bully me 

it was my choice
not to turn the corner

i resisted
pushed away
GOD'S love

in the place of 
GOD'S love 
i longed for those 
who condemned 
to affirm me

but my choosing 
was counter to 
gospel values

i wanted from people
what GOD can only offer

when i finally
literally fell to my knees 
and recognized 
GOD's love

when i finally
let go of my 
unwillingness to receive 
GOD's love

when i finally 
saw past the fear
i was dumping on myself
and allowing others to 
dump on me

i found 
the love
the power 
to stand back 

and when i did
i turned the corner

and around the corner 
i walked into a new beginning
not concocted from my own design 
or the design of others

around the corner 
i claim the history of GOD's
unconditional love 
active throughout my life

love i could not 
until know

for around the corner
things become much 

around the corner 
i claim a future
where GOD's
unconditional love
unfolds on a daily basis
filling me with 
humility, surprise
and joy

around the corner 
i can no longer
allow the voices 
of judgment 
and bullying 
and pretentious piety 
to squelch what 
so freely and 

i've turned the corner
and i pray and long
for the day 
when the larger church 
i serve and the 
culture i live in 


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