Wednesday, February 13, 2013

in life and in dust

most saturday mornings
growing up
involved dusting

that was my job

take the lemon pledge
and the dust rag
and dust every wooden surface


we don't like

my cousin philip
used to ponder whether
one should dust before vacuuming
or vacuum before dusting

he believed that the vacuum
stirred up the dust
which meant the table tops
got dusty sooner

vacuum then dust he said
and yet
we really never get rid of dust
all we do is move it around

and then days like
wednesday roll around
and we remember we came from dust

breathed into the dust of the earth
and created

we are dust
we are dusty

and our dust is the result
of GOD's
and joy
and love

we are dust
we are dusty

you have no more dust than i
i have no more dust than you

we are as dusty
as each other

we dusty humans like to think
we aren't dusty

when we feel
all polished and shiny
we have the tendency
to get all

but no matter
dust gets on the top shelf
just as easily as it gets on the bottom shelf

you are dust
i am dust
and we are dusty together

as much as we
don't like dust
we can't get around the facts

we are dust

and in the end
this is good news

for it was is and will be

and will breathe
into the dust

and GOD's breath
and the dust

in life and dust
we belong
to GOD

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