Monday, January 28, 2013

what do you do?

not many years have gone by 
that someone has not asked the 

what do you do?
what do pastors do during the week?

i pondered the last three weeks
and this is what i did: 

had 15 visits with members of the church
attended a worship committee
attended a deacons meeting
moderated a session meeting 
wrote two reference letters
contacted local paper 
          two times for public announcements
created 3 brochures- pancake/theatre event/
           equal exchange coffee sale 
wrote 3 church e-news updates
attended a pastor study group
attended a presbytery meeting  (4pm to 10pm)
communicated with area church 
         as part of my presbytery duty
designed/taught 3 children’s classes
wrote a thank you letter for gift to the church 
wrote welcome letters to visitors
updated website
had several meetings with secretary
called new visitors
prepared a lenten letter and brochure
wrote a letter for church annual report
purchase and prepared worship materials for children 
secured information from national church orginzation (more light presbyterians)
prepared and mailed items to denominational loan agency
had three conversations with furniture designer about new chancel furniture
picked up signs for front door
set up angel table project in sanctuary 
wrote newsletter articles
responded to emails
taught the sarah lydia women's circle
worked with sarah lydia circle to design a plaque
set up new email lists for session/deacons and other committees
prepared 3 weeks of worship liturgy and info for liturgists
wrote three sermons
re-negotiated dental enrollment with board of pensions 

like i said last 
i like 
what i do. 

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