Friday, January 4, 2013

show and tell

i listened to 
him via 

a young man 
growing up in 

his coming out video
as he calls it

though he
has already 
told all the ones 
he loved 
he is gay

his has been a journey 
and now 
he says 
he's ok
with himself

he says it this way: 

"being ok with 
being normal 

being ok with me

being ok with the 
realty of other 
people's words

the words they speak to me
the words they speak about me to others
the words they think but don't speak"

this young man 
has and is doing 
what many twice
and three times his age
will never do 

there is something 
about having to 
publicly speak 
your internal story

if you want to 
find out what it is like
then find the courage 
to talk 
internal story

we all have one

his story 
offers an invitation of sorts...

take one day of your life
and find out what it is like 
to NOT be normal 

then come back
for show and tell

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