Monday, January 21, 2013

of God's dreaming

John 2: 1-11

jesus turns water to wine 
and it is a miracle
not a miracle like the healing of the leper
who stands on the edge of the city
an outcast, but a miracle none the less
because something happened
that we cannot fully explain
and we are left to wonder 
what this scene is all about

the water turning to wine is not really
the main point of this story
the water turning to wine
serves only as a prelude 
to what is about to begin

offering a hint as to GOD’S
power to create new realities 
when people begin to believe 
the injustices of this world
will have the last word

in the forefront of this scene
 is not the wine but jesus

“i’ve come not to perform magical acts
for your ooohs and ahhhs
i’ve come for the real stories in your life
for broken bodies, and struggling souls."

water turns to wine 
and Jesus 
begins the 
ministry of healing and justice. 

water turns to wine 
and our brokenness breaks open
and with healing in our hearts as
we learn how to live past 
bitterness and offer forgiveness. 

water turns to wine 
and our eyes are opened 
the black and white scenes of yesterday
come alive with the color 
of GOD’s dreaming.

water turns to wine 
and we discover the wisdom
to put down our weapons
that we might stop lashing out at each other
in sickness and fear and hatred

water turns to wine 
and with courage
we look beyond our own needs
and begin doing what it takes to care
of those who are economically, mentally,
socially and physically struggling

water turns to wine 
and we are invited to step into the story
to speak when others cannot,
to welcome when others reject,
to listen when others can only shout,
to embrace when others push away, 
to love when others condemn

water turns to wine 
and we are given the gift to change
and in the midst of change 
we let go of long held prejudices
and live into new relationships
where women and men,
blacks and white,
gay and straight
are valued as GOD'S
precious and beloved children

oh dear friends
water turns to wine
and its good news

there is enough for everyone
there’s not just an extra glass
there’s an entire tub full

and grace abound

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