Wednesday, January 9, 2013

epiphany story part one

my epiphany story
part one...

it was an Epiphany of sorts
and it was certainly unexpected. 
after a long day of travel on two planes i
climbed aboard the shuttle bus
taking me to the parking lot
where i had left my car during my most recent trip to texas.  
i was the only one on the bus that night. 

when the doors closed….
the driver greeted me and then asked
me about the rings i was wearing.  

"i noticed your rings. 
what are they for? 
why do you wear them” he asked.

“really?” I thought to myself.  
i just wanted to go home.  i was tired. 
i already had my tip ready to hand him. 
i wanted to tell him that he didn’t have to work for his tip
and assure him that he was going to get one….
just let me ride in peace and quiet. 

but I didn’t. 
i begrudgingly answered. 

nothing specific. 
“oh, I just like a little bling that’s all.”

but my answer did not silence him. 
he asked me more questions a
nd eventually asked me what i do for a living. 

oh the dreaded question. 
what do you do? 

and when you answer that you are a minister
a barrage of confessions, and opinions
and theological dissertations are offered. 

i wasn’t in the mood and I was leery of his motive.  
i didn’t want to tell him what I do. 
but I did. 

(to be continued...)

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