Thursday, November 15, 2012

what do you say?

when you are
with a group 
of gay people
and they ask you 
what you do 
for a living 
do you tell them 
you are a minister? 

that was the gist

of her question

my answer: 


and when you tell them

you are a minister
what do they say?

meaning the gay

the second part of 
her question 

my answer:

the gay
a variety of things


i hear about
the pain
and their
and stories 
as to why they 
do not attend 
church anymore.

and i 

that is
i understand them
their stories 

i am thankful for the 
churches who make an effort
to create new realities 
for those who are gay and 
have experienced 
rejection and hurt.

i remain 
at those who cannot love
despite the definitions 
and convictions they 
hold on to so tightly

the calling is to love

how can you love when 

you push away?

how is this love?

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