Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bigger picture

oh my 
dear one
the journey 
that is before you...
you have to 
take it
there is no question about 

but please
the bigger picture

please remember
you are not
bound up by 
the misconceptions
and political
maneuvering of
the people around you.

please remember 
the bigger picture
the life outside the 
circle of stupidity 
you find yourself in...
the love and support
that is unconditional 
and cannot be 
manipulated or
destroyed by those 
who misuse their

please remember the 
bigger picture
the reality
that cannot be
misused by those 
who currently work to 
tear down.

the bigger picture reality 
is here to stay
even though....

you must feel 
what you feel
at the moment

feel it
speak it
sing it
dream it
live it

it is the only way to the 
other side
to the reality 
that awaits. 

remember the bigger picture 
precious one
and do not 
lose hope

no one
has power enough 
to take 
away the 
love that is 
the gifts 
that are yours.

so take your 
and your faith
your humor 
and your compassion
and press on
what stands against you 
in this moment 
is but a second
in light 
of the bigger 

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