Friday, August 17, 2012

older women say the darndest things...

older women 
in the church 
say the darndest things! 

they often make clear 
they have paid their dues
and  will say 
what ever
they so wish.

they also 
for the most part
have lived long enough
to know the ups
and downs 
the ins and 
and the pretense 
held in younger ages 
is simply that...
and there is really no 
use in placing hopes 
and dreams in pretenses.

this week 
i shared a time of study 
and fellowship with a group 
of wise and wonderful women. 

i started my time out sharing 
a picture of my mother holding me 
when i was an infant....
(see the post before this)

my favorite line of the morning 
came from the woman sitting at the 
corner of the table:

"yep, this is you alright
your mouth is open!" 

older women say 
the darndest things...
and that's why 
i enjoy spending time with them. 

as we concluded our study on 
"blessed are those who are persecuted"
the last words summed it up 
quite nicely...

"what's all the fuss
why can't we just love each other." 

like i've learned 
from quite a number 
of older women
the pretense we 
hold so tightly 
at younger ages 
at middle age 
and even a little older
is just that...

and most older women
can tell you 
that pretense 
is no place 
for dreams and hopes
and love.  

can't we just be concerned 
about loving each other

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