Friday, August 31, 2012

indeed they built it! (updated)

they built it.

they used their hands
and their 
excitement and built it...

well almost.

they really built it 
but they had help...
they did.

their cool lemonade stand 
was a gift.

they unwrapped it and 
they had helped to build it.

the lemonade...
well mom most
likely bought the ingredients 
and they helped 
mix the ingredients.  

they set up their afternoon 
business at the end of their drive way.
their dad wagged out the ice chest 
filled with their yellow liquid gold!

i drove by just in time
to see the last pieces of their 
business come together.  

i turned around because i 
remember when my friend 
susan and i 
built a similar business 
with the help of her mother
my second mother....

i remember the first customer 
that rush of success
that feeling of 
someone actually noticed our work
and stopped. 

i saw the same 
expression on the faces of the 
two young boys who filled 
a cup up with 
their delicious 
south jersey 

i drove away 
feeling good.

i was no longer thirsty
i had helped make the dreams 
of two young boys come true
and i was filled with 
precious memories 
from my own 

i'm a sucker 
for a lemonade stand!

come to think of it 
this is the fourth 
lemonade stand 
in the fourth 
city i lived in 
that i have enjoyed
in the past few years.

i hope they
build it 

who knows 
maybe they will
behind a podium 
one day in the future
speaking a 
about the day 
they built it
with the help of
the ones who love them
and of course me...
their first customer!

i'll be there in my 
early eighties 
helping to tell their 

it could happen.

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