Thursday, August 30, 2012

in the direction of home.

 i have a fairly good 
sense of direction
though it takes me a few times 
of driving a new 
until i have it to memory...
especially when the 
road design is not 
in square blocks.

today was 
the day
i finally now how
to get to one place 
i've now been 
multiple times.

i realized 
i only got all the turns
just right in my mind 
when i did the route 

in other words...
when i leave 
the new place 
and make my way back home...

that's when i get 
the information 
locked in. 

learning the 
route in the direction of 

a spiritual 
and theological notion
to learn something 
in the direction of home. 

i'll be pondering 
this the rest of the day 
as i go about the 
remaining chores
and tasks.

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