Thursday, July 26, 2012's not about chicken!


it is not about chicken
it's about 
couched in the words of 

furthermore the call by 
certain politicians to go 
and eat fast food chicken
on August 1st
has very little to do 
with chicken
and everything to do 
with fear
and ultimately 
which i am confident 
is not a response
that is faithful!

all the sudden the truth is out.
the bully 
is corporate
and has cash to throw about
so that other bullies
can have their day.

this chicken talks out of both sides of his beak:

"we respect all, 
even those who are gay...
but at the same time 
we are taking your money
and funding such organizations 
as exodus."

it's not about chicken
but there is a lot of 

perhaps it is time for
which is the process of trimming 
or partially removing the beak...
in this case 
the corporate beak 
who spews hate
with a 
smile and a 
call for family friendly values. 

how many bullies
and how much bullying 
will it take 
to uncover the reality...

this is not about chicken
it is about discrimination 
and hate. 

it is happening in corporate 
and it continues to happen 
in the church.  

so if it takes not eating 
a certain chicken 
then so be it...
my waistline will be the winner!

what i think 
this corporate chicken 
has failed to grasp
is those of us who have 
been bullied 
are no longer

make me a filet 
i'm coming to your

my waist
line can take it!

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