Wednesday, April 25, 2012

we read the story again...
the disciples on the beach
after easter.

they had not yet seen with
their eyes the risen christ
of which the women had

instead they huddled on the beech
doing what was familiar...

they had fished for a living.
i'm not talkng about the
norman rockwell standing on
a covered bridge under old cotton wood trees
next to a cooler filled with drinks kind of fishing.

i'm talking about the sweaty,
stinky, fish hooks, net, throw in
pull out, clean, sell and start all over the very next
day kind of fishing.

the kind of fishing that if you don't
catch fish your family goes hungry.

they went back to what they knew best...
but it wouldn't last long.

there was no way for them to cram all
that they had heard and learned
and experienced with jesus
back into their old lives.

eventually they would have to leave the beach
where all felt comfortable and
known and controlled

then the risen christ
and sure enough
they would have to become
leaders now...rather than followers.

they would have to try with all their
hearts and minds to explain what
it is they witnessed.

this is what we are all called
to do
i suppose...
try our best to share with words
and actions what it is we
have witnessed and experienced.

i believe this is the focus of faith...
share our story...
simply tell others
what it means to discover the depth
of GOD's unconditional love...
try to describe the freedom
GOD's grace gives.

it's not about telling others
who to be...
it's about hearing
from others
who they are.

that's what i learned on the
beach with the disciples.

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