Friday, March 30, 2012

it's a real
rotary phone.

i haven't touched one in years.
i walked over and
placed my finger in the
number hole and
slowly dialed.

oh the memories
of all the calls
i used to make
on the upstairs phone
in my parents room
to friends...
some who
lived across the river
which meant
it was a long distance call.

i always forgot
the phone bill would come
and my secret calls
would be found out. 

my phone today
does so many things...
but it still does
the one thing
i cherish...

connects me to the
voice of the ones
i love.

how thankful i am for the
157 people who
contacted me this week
to share their
encouraging words....

most contacted me by
and i read thier
greetings and prayers
on my phone. 

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