Saturday, March 31, 2012

be a parade, show your joy!

photo by wm. blake spencer

it was always an odd day...
palm sunday
when staunch
orderly presbyterians
offer an invitation
to thier children to
be a parade and
show thier joy.

the very ones
requiring us children
to remain totally quiet and still
on every other sunday of the year
on this day
greeted us with
brimming smiles
and leafy palms.

be joyful
be a parade
wave the palm branches
like you mean it.

i'm sorry
all the lessons on
all those other sunday's
were hard to shake...
i didn't trust this
this urging
to be a parade
and show my joy!

it was a suspicious
i did not trust...
for if indeed my joy
came out too boldly
and my palm branch
inadvertantly bopped
mrs. decker on the
back side of her head
as i was moving up the
middle aisle...

well i didn't want to
consider the final disappointment!

and so
just perhaps
that's why presbyterian's
don't wave thier
palm branches with vigor
on palm sunday...

they sense the lessons of thier
more importantly they
sense the
humility and the
vulnerability of
the coming
week called holy
which ends on
the day called friday
and remains
ever so quiet on saturday.

be a parade,
show your joy...
but prepare
for the coming story.

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