Wednesday, February 8, 2012

more on forgivenness

 photo by blake spencer

words from others
on forgiveness: 

forgiveness means it finally becomes 
unimportant that you hit back.  
you're done.  it doesn't necessarily mean 
that you want to eat lunch with 
the person.  
if you keep hitting back,
you stay trapped in the nightmare.
- Anne Lamott

forgive and forget, we are told.
but can we simply forget what has happened....?
christian forgiveness is not ignorant --
it knows,
but still offers grace. 
- F. LeRon Shults

forgiveness is one of the 
only forms of freedom
that any person 
can give to another.
- Beverly Flanigan

we have to see potentials 
in the lives of even the worst people,
have to see that it is 
we who can 
dam the flow of grace.
-Martin E. Marty

words to ponder. 
i do have to admit though
the words of 
Elizabeth I

GOD may forgive you,
but i never can.

and then
there is 
Desmond Tutu:

without forgiveness,
there is no future.

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