Wednesday, February 1, 2012

momma's boy: part one

as one country song sings:
i was born in the 
middle of hurricane season...

in the middle of 
on the gulf coast of texas
in a city called
body of christ...
corpus christi,
i was born.

in the early morning hours
my mothers body 
began labor
a hurricane of sorts...
but the doctor 
was not readily available
and did not arrive
in time for pain medicine 
to be administered.

my mother tells this 
story with vivid memory
and to this day holds 
that doctor accountable
for his lateness.

maybe this is why i am 
rarely late
and mostly early 
every where i go!

i was born in the middle of 
hurricane season
when weather patterns  
as unpredictable 
and unstable as 
can be.

and though instability 
and the unexpected
can be threatening
and along the journey 
through childhood and adolescence 
i was threatened 
and given the name 
"momma's boy"
along with many 
other monikers...
intended to hurt...

and into adulthood
i remained intimated 
by many things in life...
i am here to say
the winds have changed.

i've discovered 
how to weather 
storms that brew in life...
i've uncovered 
the courage 
i thought i never had.

there is wisdom
and strength to be had
for those born 
in the middle of hurricane seasons...
and for those 
caught in  the high winds 
of life events.

i'm here to say
that my momma's courage
on that night 
in the middle of september
when her doctor was late
has been
the very courage 
incubating deep within 
and now 
been born
through the labor
of the last four years. 

i'm running to the shore...
i'm on the beech...
and the winds
and the swirling clouds 
do not threaten
but instead
are a gift.

in the middle of 
hurricane season 
i breathed my first breath...
i am still 

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