Friday, January 6, 2012

here and there

 photo by blake spencer/natchez trace near nashville

here and 

how did i get here
when i was there?

is a relative 
i is me.
i is you.
i is her and him and them.

i thought i was there
and now i am here.

it all happens 
so quickly
it seems.  

now i'm here
when i'm ready 
to be there.

all we can do
is be where we are.

and where we are 
is rarely 
here nor there...

usually we are between 
the place we were
and the place we are
to be.

in between
the here
and the there,
with the 
what will be.

this is where we 
always seem to be...
in journey 
here and there.  

i am here
i soon will be there...
just as i was there
and now i am here. 

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