Monday, January 9, 2012

baptism and grace

photo by blake spencer - mo ranch/hunt,tx

yesterday we renewed our 
vows of baptism...
walking to the water
to touch and hear again the 
words of promise and life.
and i remembered these stories: 

i remember the young woman
who did not grow up in a church
but was marrying a man who had been
a member of the church
she said, 
"i want the first thing i do as a married woman
is be baptized and join the church."

so she was.
on her day of wedding
kneeling in her beautiful dress
water dripping down her forehead
she spoke,
"i believe, i belong."

two faithful women
presenting their wheel chair bound daughter
surrounded by the children of the church
discovered the grace of having a home.

a middle aged couple...
he was raised jewish,
she not raised with faith...
knelt down and were baptized together...
standing up they said, 
"we found our home."

and dorcas
seven year old girl
with unique gifts some consider to be disabilities...
when baptized she loudly yelled to the speaking of her name...
her yes resonated 
and planted a new beginning.
after our renewal 
and when i was at home
i received a text sharing the story of a grandson 
at his baptism.

during the prayer the young boy
dipped his hand into the font
and doused his head with water again
and again!

to this the grandmother writes: 

sometimes grace 
seems to just fall on us 
and we can feel it 
with no apparent effort on our part.
but sometimes we have to reach for the 
grace that is there, 
within our grasp, for the 

sometimes we have to 

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Sarah Parrott said...

I'm moved by this. Thanks.