Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a time for...

photo by blake spencer

there is a time 
for all things
as we learn 
from ancient wisdom.

a time to hunker down 
and a time to run free...
a time to cry and 
a time to laugh...
a time to do what is practical
and a time to dream 
and think outside the box.

i forget
there is a time 
for all things.

i think 
the time for some 
things is inconvenient.

some things
that don't feel right
are really 
right on time
and just in time
even though we can't
sense it or 
know it
or like it. 

it's time
i sense it
i know it.

i cherish what i have
i prepare what will be.

this is my bumper sticker,
my reminder.

it's time
and there is time.

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