Friday, December 16, 2011

every day a crossing...

bridge in gatesville

there is a crossing 
to cross.

getting across 
sometimes can be a challenge,
the challenge.

some days we cross
step by step...
with a little effort
and some emotion,
but we cross nonetheless.

other days we don't.
other days we get stuck...
frozen in the middle
paralyzed by
or emotion...

and yet
another day comes
and the crossing is there to cross
and with courage and peace
and wisdom...

and with the help of
those who truly care for us...
with the grace only GOD 
can give us 
we make it.

these words spoken to me yesterday,
spoken by a friend:

how we handle 
may be the best gift 
we give to others.

words like these
help get us across 
the crossing. 

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