Tuesday, November 29, 2011

patience is salvation

one day 
is a thousand years
with GOD...

a thousand years is 
one day 
with GOD.

one day 
GOD'S promise
will be complete
in all aspects of the 

this day we 
continue to wait
for that day
when GOD'S
and hopes are 
fully ripened 
and ready for 

in GOD'S 
time it will happen.

though we are
not patient in 
GOD is 
very patient.

the patience of GOD:
waiting for us to love
ourselves and each other...

the patience of GOD:
waiting for us to 
have courage and joy
to live as GOD intended us to live...

the patience of GOD: 
waiting for us to 
become patient.

peter's second letter
in the bible 
patience of God
is salvation.

now there's something
for us to think about...
patience  of God

1 comment:

Sandi said...

I'm actually using the idea of "patience" in my sermon this week.

I also used the idea of God's time, not our time for the session reflection this week.

Good thoughts to consider and reflect...