Tuesday, July 12, 2011

july 10

july 10, 1985

it was a hot
south arkansas

i was ordained
to serve as
a minister of
the word and sacrament
in the presbyterian
church (u.s.a.).

like a race horse
pounding at the gate
i was ready to burst
onto the scene and
change the church
and the world.

i remember the hands
laid upon my head and shoulders
weighing me down as the
prayer was spoken...

i remember being so eager...
so ready.

july 10, 2011

it was a hot middle tennessee morning...
23 years i've been ordained
and on this very day
my grandson turns one year old...
and on this very day
the Form of Government,
one part of the constitution
of the presbyterian church
(u.s.a.) officially changes.

a number of changes come our way...
a more steam line decision making process
and ordination standards
are two of the changes.

i sat in worship pondering
where i have been.
i told several that they
could have 8 or 9 of the
years of my ordination back...
referring to the more heavy
difficult parts of the journey.

and then i know
the heavy,
things in ministry and life
are moments when
we can learn about ourselves
and also claim new
patterns of living.

in the end i
am thankful for the
difficult experiences
that brought alive new perspective,
and healing.

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Sandi said...

Thank You. Wonderful reflection.