Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it is well with my soul...

in the nation
and in the church
continue to swirl
like a late afternoon
summer storm...

but moments of grace
pop up in
unexpected ways.

i drove into the church
parking lot this past
tuesday morning
and a bus the
size of montana
was filling up a great
deal of space.

the letters on the side of
the bus told the story...
first baptist church
queen city

i've driven through
queen city...
i grew up
near that
neck of the woods.

near queen city
there is a
skyscraper tall
flag pole
flying a confederate
flag the size of my
little house.

i wondered why
these folks
were visiting a
church like
the one i currently serve?

presbyterian and

come to find out
only the
bus driver and the bus
were from queen city.
the group is part of a
conference sponsored
by lifeway.

and progressive
presbyterians are
not a normal paring.

but in the end they
are not here to serve
the church...they are
here to work with a
senior's group
who uses space in the church.

in the end
god's grace
just keeps
bringing together
who would not normally

in the end...
all is well.

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Sandi said...

Oh, this is nice!