Wednesday, June 29, 2011

why not!

do you remember?
the joy
of a snow cone...
the total
commitment we
offered that delightful ice
and sticky syrup...

it didn't matter if it all came
spilling over the side of that
flimsy paper cone cup
and made our shirt
and face and arm
and leg a sticky mess.

it was a moment of

touring nashville with friends this weekend.
their son said of the
parthenon replica
in centennial

b o r i n g.

but the snow cone in
centennial park
the best.

i've been talking to
a wise one
who says
life is good when
we merge the
two realms of
and fun.

we used to know
the fun part of life.

sticky cold ice cones
parks with swings
and other things!

why not!
why not
take a break
from all the focus
and have a little fun.

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