Thursday, June 30, 2011

evidence of yesterday...

around the corner
pretty much
any direction
one turns
is evidence of
a battle...

the killing people kind
of battle
with guns
and cannons and knives...

the kind of battle
causing family to kill family.

the kind of battle that
left a mark
on our lives
and our history.

the north
fought the south.

i'm living in the south
so as the story is told
in this neck of the woods
it is from that perspective.

i see the confederate flag
and frankly...
i cringe.

i also find it more than interesting
that i am serving a church
built in the middle of
the area
where the
nashville battle took place.

a church with a message....
on each door
permanently displayed:

second presbyterian church
welcomes you to join us
in our journey of faith
regardless of age, race, gender,
sexual orientation, economic
or family status,
ethnic background,
mental or physical disability.

not thinking the
confederate flag
would have tolerated
such a welcome.

kind of know so.

i remember the signs
before integration
as a very young child.

i've heard the voices
of prejudice spoken

i see the ongoing
people fighting for the
right to be treated
fairly, with dignity,
and with compassion.

so in the middle
of an old battle field
we are called to speak
and to live
and love.

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