Thursday, May 26, 2011

love of a father

Who am I?
so much to say.
I was born to be a father.

I am.
And I
have loved
every step of that journey.

It is
I expected.

It is everything
I did not expect.

I've been
the father
I hoped I would be.

At the same time
I did not expect
to be a
who lives
so many miles
away from
my children.

Though they are
officially "adults"
young adults
and fully capable of
living as such...
this remains part of the journey
that is a challenge.

I cry.
The past two days
tears have
welled up
trickled out
heart pounding hard.

I angst.
I worry.
I long.
I hope.
It's what a good
father does.

In it all...
I love.

I love my children
and I tell them
as often as I can.

I love my children
and they love me.

I love my children and
know that life
in ways we expect
and in
ways we
cannot anticipate.

I trust that
all the miles
that are between us
we will
as we have
continue to be
a family....
continue to be
marked by love.

As families go...
I do not take
the love we share....

Our love is
a gift I cherish.

I am marked by love.
That's who I am.

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