Friday, May 27, 2011

loved by a father

Who am I?
I am the son
of an amazing father.

As a child my
father was bigger than life.

He was a High School
All State football star....
as handsome as he was talented.
His football skills
landed a scholarship in
a prestigious school...

I remember looking at his picture
in the family album.
His muscular arms
and enormous smile.

My father
made me who I am.

Despite my total
inability for sports...
I learned other
valuable lessons from
the man who is my father.

Work hard.
Take care of what you have.
Love your family.
Help those who need help.
Get angry....because sometimes it's just necessary!
Finish what you start.
It's not always necessary to read all the directions
but be prepared to do it all over again when you don't.
Love without condition.
Expect the best in others.
When they fail you....expect the best in others again.
Sit in a comfortable chair.
Life is not about being perfect...but you have what it takes
to make life good.
Be impatient....sometimes it gets you where you need to get
and helps others get where they need to get.
Don't give up.
Apologize....sometimes you're wrong.
Yell back.....sometimes you're right.
Say, "I love you."

My father has gone the distance for me...
(literally....he went to Africa with me!)
and I know one thing...
not all people can say that.

Say what you want about me.
Think what you will...
but I am who I am
because I've
got one
of the best fathers
I know.

He has helped make
me the man that I am.

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