Friday, April 1, 2011

show tunes with ed...

I first heard about Ed Farley

at a conference
at Montreat,
North Carolina.
We read an article
Ed had written...
I believe it had
to do something with the future church.
It must have been a good article.
I remembered his name all these years.
Here's a little info on

As a theologian, Farley’s contributions are foundational in the course of study among seminarians and are often part of the permanent libraries of other theologians and pastors. His more recent publications include
Good and Evil: Interpreting the Human Condition (Augsburg/Fortress, 1990), Divine Empathy: A Theology of God (Augsburg/Fortress, 1996), Faith and Beauty, A Theological Aesthetic (Ashgate, England, 2001), and Practicing Gospel: Unconventional Thoughts about the Church’s Ministry (Westminster/John Knox, 2003). He continues to write articles and collaborate with others on a variety of topics for the Church.

So why all this talk about Ed?

he attends
the church I currently serve.
When coming
I had to
swallow a few times
before climbing into
the pulpit.
The prospect of preaching
the presence of the likes
of Ed were daunting.

But as grace goes...
God's Spirit hovers just long enough
to create
new perspectives and realities....
and this is why I write today.

I had dinner
Ed and his wife Doris last evening.
After dinner
we gathered around a piano and sang.
Ed played
and I sang along.

I sang
show tunes with Ed Farley!
What a hoot!
What grace!

What genuine fun!

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Jennifer said...

I'm kind of jealous.