Thursday, March 31, 2011

the woman knows me inside out...

Ann Weems

Presbyterian poet.

The woman knows me
inside out.

She writes.
I listen.

Heavenly Nightmare

It is my recurring nightmare

that heaven will be organized,
that some Martha will get there

before I do and will be happily

buzzing about straightening clouds,
ironing angels' gowns,

starching wing tips,

buffing stars,

and getting ready for the
big hymn sing in the sky.
The nightmare is over

before anyone calls a meeting
asks me to take minutes.

I'm filled with eternal gratitude...

Oh, I can organize.

I live with schedules most weeks...
but in between the schedules

I wander and wonder and dream.

In between the bill paying
and check balancing
(I've learned I can do both)

I sing and dance and
yes, dream.

In between the responsibilities
and TASKS...
I play and laugh and
yes, dream.

Heaven better
have room for dreamers....
in the current reality dreamers
aren't always
understood or appreciated.

I'm thankful
dream appreciation
where I currently live and serve.

It gives me space to
a bit more.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I am happy that you have space and encouragement to breathe and dream and be you.