Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the power of story

We've forgotten the power of story...
the power of a noun,
and a verb,
and memory
to create genuine relationship.

Everyone has a story...
a story
that comes with
pain, and fear,
and new life.

We've forgotten the
power of story...and we
live as closed books,
unwilling to
become vulnerable with one another...
afraid of
what others might think...
what others might
or how others will
categorize and judge.

Even in the church
we claim to
a story
but have
forgotten the power of story.

We spend very little time listening
to stories
and because we don't listen...
people have
become accustomed to not
expecting to be heard.

If we can't hear
then how do
we in the church
have credibility to

We in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
are in yet another season of voting.
We vote without
hearing the stories of those
who are the topic of our voting.

They are gay...they are sinners...they don't belong.
These are the words that get spoken...
but where are the stories of those
who are not allowed a home...
who will hear their stories?

We have forgotten the power of story...
how a story can draw us in
and inspire new perspective...
how a story
can create compassion and unity and grace.

It's time!
The time has come...
to create space for stories
and hearing
and grace!

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