Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grace is grace is grace.

Grace is not cheap.
Bonhoeffer said that.

But grace is also grace.

Christianity in America constantly
cheapens God's grace by turning it into
and choice.

Grace is not cheap.
But grace is also grace.

Why can't we say we believe in grace without
having to immediately follow up with a
mini dissertation
proving we work hard

and live by a particular
set of standards?

Grace IS
a standard for living.

Believing in grace does not
coming to terms with the truth of our lives.

Grace is grace.
God is the author of the grace...
and God offers grace the way
God offers grace not by
the way

we define or offer grace.

Grace is not cheap
grace is

We clap and hoot and shout
for grace...
but we
have a hard time living it.

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