Wednesday, April 27, 2011

phoebe snow...

phoebe snow
you brought music alive
for me.

my big brother gave me your album
for christmas one year.

i'm sorry i didn't know who you were
when i opened the gift.

i shrugged my shoulders and
offered my brother a forced
thank you
the kind
making clear he
is clueless
when it comes to
knowing what to give a person.

i eventually opened the album
and played it on my
portable lime green plastic
panasonic record player.

and you sang...
"you're the poetry man...."

your voice
deep rumbling
to higher than high
you brought my room alive.

your the
poetry woman
a special
place in my life
thanks to the clue-less-ness
of my big
who seems to have
known exactly what
he was doing.

thank you

i shed a tear at your death
but i also turn
your music up loud
for all of
nashville to hear.

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