Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's that time of year

This time I was not responsible
for introducing the tradition
of Easter

For Anglo's in the suburb
we're talking about
confetti filled eggs.

Eggs are drained of their
made empty like the Easter tomb
and then filled with
a symbol for the joy
of new life.

The confetti filled eggs are
then taken in ones hand
cracked and then sprinkled
on a neighbors head.

The confetti sticks
around as a reminder of
the Easter story.

Yes, they are fun.
Yes, some don't think so.

I'm thankful the confetti
is still on the patio today.
I need the reminder.

The egg shell and tiny paper
speak what I find hard to speak today.
So, I'll let the Easter laughter
as I try to let go
of past

as I try to

focus on what is before me...

as I try to

is behind me
beside me
and before me.

Don't clean the
patio up just yet!
I need Easter
to keep on singing.

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