Saturday, April 9, 2011

he put his foot in his mouth...

He honed in on me
like white on rice
as they say.

He had that look.
I'll go talk to the pastor.
I'll tell him clever things
about church,
and theology.

I first heard his
description of the front lawn of the church...
seems he mows it.
He's a good man...
works hard,
is kind,
no argument here.

But his tongue
did get in front of his words.
he most likely believes
what he said

but it became clear I don't.

For the record
I don't mind living with
liking and
folks I don't agree with.
Done it all my life....
plan to do it the rest of my life.

what he said.

He's teaching an Old Testament class

and he asked with a teaching voice...
Why do we Christians forget we
were Jewish first.

He is right.
He talked a bit more and
I interjected....

I went to worship at the Reformed

Temple two Friday's ago.

What is it the Reformed Jews

He asked.

They are the more
liberal ones
I responded.

Then he said...

Oh they believe anything.

I responded.
They are simply
on the liberal end...
like some Presbyterians.

Oh yes, that's worse.
He said...
referring to
liberal Presbyterians.

Seems I'm one.
At least the
things I affirm
are termed this way.

I told him.
I'm one of those Presbyterians...
will be o.k.
I assured
and then said nothing more.

He went silent.
I let it remain silent...
for quite some time.

He eventually picked up the conversation again.
It was awkward for
several sentences.

It's o.k.
that we don't agree.

But I'm pretty much
done with the
and cutting off

don't know...
maybe that's
a liberal
to say so...
or not.

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Linda said...

Sometimes I find it exhausting, always having to agree to disagree.