Saturday, December 18, 2010

a tiny bloom of hope

For years it has been asked and said...

"Why won't those people listen?

Why won't they change?

Why do they keep talking?
Why won't they just leave us alone?

Why do they think they have rights?
Who do they think they are?

Don't they know they are going to hell?
Don't they know they are wrong?"

We don't want them in our army!

We don't want them in our pews!

They are wrong.

They are bad.

They are misled.

They are weak.

Words like
these prove
the unwillingness to listen...

and if one is not willing to listen

then it is difficult to love.

I've spent 22 years
of ministry listening.
I currently serve a church...

for an interim time...

who have made a commitment to listen.
Their commitment is posted
on every door into the church building.

As they have listened...

they have learned how to love.

As they have loved...

they see the deeper love...
God longs us to experience.

I don't much expect the Congress or the Senate to operate on love.... and yet this past weekend they're vote to end Don't Ask Don't Tell exhibits more love than most churches are willing to offer.

I thought the church
would do this first.
I thought the church
would pave the way for what is right and just. Again...the church is left to follow...too busy debating to lead.

Some answers that come with listening.
Why won't those people listen?
Their ears have heard every word.

Why do they keep talking?
They have a story to tell
and will keep telling it until it is heard.

Don't they know they are going to hell?
They've been to hell.
Through grace it is no longer a threat.

There are more
answers and stories

that come with listening.

For now
a tiny bloom
offers hope.

1 comment:

nikki said...

I am with you. I would have hoped that the church of all things, would have been willing to show Grace, Peace and Love to ALL people. We have a long ways to go.