Thursday, December 2, 2010

television theology

On the television again...
another evangelist
of the Christian
good news.

However the only news
I encountered
was not so good. more reason why
the church and faith
struggles for credibility.

Answering the question...
the married "pastoral" team

"Yes, my husband had an affair.
It started off as an emotional affair
and turned into to a physical one."

It happened two years ago.
The only reason they are talking
about it before the nation
is due to a botched effort
to extort seven and a half million
from their coffers.

"We won't let God's money
be extorted."

Good to know
ethical standards are
in place on God's behalf.

Also another huge
relief when legal spokesperson
for the t.v. evangelists
clarified the affair with these

"I can assert that the Reverend
did not have an affair with a
man or a transvestite. He had
an affair with a woman,
a Christian woman."

What a relief!