Monday, December 6, 2010

joseph's advent

Advent for Joseph

was complicated.

Too much news.
Too much emotion.
Too many questions.

Obviously someone
was there to
offer this man

"Slow down Joseph.
Go lay down and rest."

He did.
when he did
God turned the next page of the story
and Joseph
had an ahhh haaa moment.

I remember my ahhh haaa moment.
I was sitting with my five year old son
on a concrete curb
in front of our house
on Cocona Lane.

We sat by the for sale sign.
We pondered our future
next to the small hole we
had dug and place a
tiny statue of Joseph
down into the ground.
It is said Joseph
helps sale a house.

Though I'm Protestant
and flinch at such
a story
did unfold
that day.

We talked
my five year old
son and I.

My son knew that
he had been

My son was smart from day one.
Wise beyond his years.

Joseph was a daddy.
Like you.

And the story began.

I'd never thought much of old Joseph.
But the story can't
be told without him.

He took the risk
to love and raise
this child
born in a stable
as his very own.

Love like this
is big...
and wide.

Love like this
sees past
the threats
and fears
that come with life.

Love like this
is what we all long to experience.

Joseph shows us how to step through Advent.
One step at a time.
Yes, he
became confused with the news.
I'm sure he was a bit angry
and sad as well.

But he didn't stay that way.
He trusted
and he loved.

What does it take for us
to do the same?

This is the Advent

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