Saturday, October 23, 2010

seek and find

The message read
hope you find all you are seeking for.

Do we
ever stop seeking?

Do we
finally find?

Suppose this is
the fodder for
books, sermons,
poems, songs, texts,
emails, phone calls

If we
stop seeking...
I can only speak for myself.

If I stop seeking
I shut down.
I loose perspective.
I forget what was behind me,
what is right around me
and what is before me.

I continue to seek.
I find this to be
the human condition...
really the
gift of being human.

We continually seek.
We stand on top of a mountain
and upon seeing the scene
we seek to capture it.
That's what a
great thinker
of our day
N.T. Wright
We seek to capture
it but we never really
can capture the majestic beauty.
We only get a glimpse.

I get a glimpse
so I continue to seek.

it is the
deep sense of
trust and hope
that one
day what is sought
is found.

So yes...
I won't shut down.
I will
continue to

Along the way
I get a glimpse...
and the glimpses
are revealing
a fantastic
just ahead.

That's what
I trust.

1 comment:

Cheryl Petersen said...

Glad I found you. I get annoying when I am not seeking! Good thing I can laugh at myself and get back on track, but it helps to know there are other seekers. Thanks