Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is the house where I and the other
staff from Second Presbyterian in Nashville work.
My office is in the roof portion....second floor
right side.

Second Presbyterian Church experienced a fire
in 2003. This artwork was created from pipe organs
that succumbed to the flames....yet serves
the church as a symbol of new life.

The Loveless Cafe. It's an icon....a tradition.

In a new land
in a new church.

I bump into history
dance with the present
and lean into the future.

This is life.

History shapes us.
The presence involves us.
The future....
it is where we
are all headed...

Some with joy,

others with hesitance.
All must go.

This is life.

I recently read,
"Life is too short to be snippy."

I also encountered this wisdom...
"For those who enjoy life, time quickly passes."

Such words sound trite...
something you pull out of a fortune cookie
that does not mean
such words
aren't full of truth.

I've lived long enough to
know the truth in these words.

As my late friend
Kaylyn used to say...
"Breathe in light
blow out darkness."

We used to repeat
these words so many times
we would get dizzy....
which is how we
forgot what it was
that was
weighing us down
in the first place.

In short...
Breathe more.
Enjoy Life.
Enjoy God.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

"Breathe in light,
Blow out darkness."

I like that. A good thought for meditation, too!