Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A happy tree at my mom and dad's house.

Various texts from this week:

"It is not about being perfect
but rather filled with joy and purpose."

"When you are loved and respected,
no one can take that gift away from you
no matter how your journey unfolds.
You may think you've lost love and respect...
others may want you to believe you've lost
such things....
but the gift cannot be taken away from you."

"Don't tell Oprah. I answered my phone
when driving. I know...
I should not have,

but when I did
I heard these words:

We want to offer you the position."

"Avocado popsicles....
simply delicious!"
(Go to Las Paletas in Nashville
and find out for yourself!)

"May your 50th year have
more love and joy than your
heart can hold. Amen."
(It's proving to be that way)

"Another year older?
You're looking good!
You're feeling good!
You apparently don't realize
what's going on!"
(Despite what's going on...
I look good!)

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