Tuesday, August 24, 2010

next step of the journey...

I walked down the aisle of the new church
with my last church in my hand.

In one hand I had my walking stick....
a symbol of my interim ministry.
A reminder that my journey has
a specific beginning and ending.

A reminder that God is with me here

just as God was with me there.

In the other hand I had the photo...
the photo of all the members
of the last church I served.
On my last Sunday in Gatesville
we took a family photo on the lawn.
I showed the photo to my new church.

My last church was with me
in my new church.
Their smiling faces upon the communion table....

As we sang
the picture reminded us
that no matter where we are
no matter how long we stay
no matter where our next step takes us....
we are family....
family bound together.

I took the next step in my journey.
I took the next step
but not without
offering gratitude
for where I have been.

It is indeed a journey....
a journey filled with
love and grace.

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