Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Loveless Barn just behind the Cafe

The Loveless

that is.

It's literally in my back yard.

Haven't eaten any of their
renowned biscuits
or southern fried chicken yet...
but I will.

I have heard about the Loveless...
and was told by several to
find it and go
when I moved to Nashville.

I found it
by accident.
I was just driving around
my new
and there it was.

The famous
Loveless Cafe.

May we not
remain "loveless"!

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lindacarter said...

And one of the best kept secrets in Nashville is Music City Roots, a live radio show broadcast from the Loveless Barn every Wednesday night on WSM, the Opry's station. For only $10 you can listen to two hours of awesome music and commentary and it is just plain fun. I will take to you to one soon. :) linda