Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a series: lessons we are still learning

All In the Family


Paul: Shalom

Edith Bunker: Shalom? What does that mean?

Mike Stivic: Believe it or not ma it means "peace".

Gloria Stivic: Jewish people also use it to say "hello" and "good-bye".

Edith Bunker: How do you know if they mean "hello" or "good-bye"?

Archie Bunker: Simple. If they are walking towards you they mean "hello", if they are walking away they mean "good-bye".

Edith Bunker: When does it mean "peace"?

Archie Bunker: In between the "hello" and the "good-bye".

{It's hard to find dialogue to share when Archie Bunker is involved. Seems we still have Archie Bunkers alive and well. I'll pray for the peace in the in between.}