Friday, July 16, 2010

a series: lessons we are still learning

The Cosby Show
first aired on NBC / Sept. 20, 1984

The idea of The Cosby Show which was rejected by ABC, because they felt that America was not ready for the concept of an intact, black middle class family, was picked up by a cautious NBC that only ordered six episodes of the show about a Black family whose parents were a doctor and a lawyer. This soon changed as the first episode of The Cosby Show outdistanced every regular show on television. The stunning showing sent shock ways through the industry. It proved it was no fluke by holding on the number one position in the Neilson ratings for the remaining five episodes.....The Cosby Show earned the title of "King of the sitcoms"....and altered the perception of Blacks on television.
(by Athony Crenshaw)
Altering perceptions....hmm
what perceptions need altering
in 2010?