Monday, July 5, 2010

eyes rolling!

This weekend
eyes rolled!

While on retreat
a three year old
rolled his eyes as
way of making his
three year old story
more memorable.

He's discovered
if he rolls his eyes
and talks out of the
side of his mouth....
he gets attention!
His story and his spirit
sweet to the core.

A few teenagers
rolled their eyes.
Their message a bit
different than the
three year old boy.
Basically, the
whole world is
stupid....but me!

Now the adults
are at it!

In particular

the adults at
the General Assembly
of the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Carmen Fowler
of The Layman
accused certain
Elders and Ministers
of eye rolling
when in disagreement.
The eye rollers
in her opinion
are those

who do not agree
with her and hers.

the first round of
eye rolling at the
belongs to
Carmen upon
the election of our
new Moderator.

O the stories a
good ole'
eye rolling
can tell!

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